Registration for MERGE Retreat: Seaworld Overnight

This year’s MERGE Retreat is at Seaworld Orlando, right here in our own city, where we will sleep with the Stingrays! We will dive right into adventure as we tour SeaWorld’s animal habitats after hours. We will be exploring the icy mysteries of the north and south poles, discovering the myths of the ocean’s most fearsome predators, or even learning the plight of Florida’s most endangered marine animals and what SeaWorld is doing to help. Saturday, our group will be able to continue our sea-filled adventure enjoying all the shows and attractions Seaworld has to offer.

Register by March 18, 2020. RSVP soon! Spots will fill up fast and there are only 30 spots available.

Dates: April 17 – 18, 2020
Cost: $100 (includes dinner on Friday and breakfast and park ticket on Saturday) 
Drop off is Friday at 5:30 p.m. and pickup is Saturday at 6:30 p.m. Dropoff is at the Education Building and pickup will be at Seaworld park entrance. Bring extra money for lunch and extras in the park.

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