Registration for Level Up: 11th Grade

Milestones are the significant cultural and developmental markers that our students experience throughout their years of life. They are the exciting firsts: first day of middle school or high school, getting braces and a driver’s license, even voting for the first time..  There are also firsts in their faith life: confirmation, attending sleep away camps retreats, serving on mission trips, and more.


Students and their grownups are invited to participate in a LEVEL UP each year as they grow in their faith. Each year students can collect a new LEVEL UP key as they take steps towards growing in the love of Jesus.


April: Level Up (11th grade) 12:30-1:30pm.


Class will occur after the 11:15 service in the Youth Center.



September 4, 2022: 6th Grade (Community)

October 2, 2022: 7th Grade (Worship & Piety)

November 6, 2022: 8th Grade (Confirmation)

February 5, 2023: 9th Grade (Spiritual Gifts)

March 5, 2023: 10th Grade (Missions)

April 2, 2023: 11th Grade (Discipleship)

May 7, 2023: 12th Grade (Identity)

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