Circles Winter Garden is now Circles West Orange! The Circles initiative works to end poverty by building intentional relationships across income lines. To promote inclusion of residents in Ocoee, Oakland, Tildenville, and other areas of western Orange County, Circles Winter Garden is now Circles West Orange! The Circles Campaign is a national, transformational approach to reduce poverty that partners volunteers and community leaders with individuals and families striving to make the journey out of poverty. Circle Leaders, folks with ambition who face barriers that leave them with low incomes, set goals based on their unique needs and skills. Together with supportive volunteers called Circle Allies, they cultivate a friendship across social class and create a plan to achieve economic stability. The Circle Allies, in turn learn about the realities and barriers that exist for families in poverty. As Circle Leaders make strides toward stability, they work together with the support of the whole Circles Community to raise awareness of their lived experiences as well as identify and eliminate obstacles that perpetuate poverty.


Allies: • Are passionate about ending poverty • Commit with Circle Leaders (individuals working to get out of poverty) to grow an intentional friendship over 6 months • Learn a lot about themselves along the way

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