The Spiritual Gift Inventory that follows will help you discover and define the special abilities God has given you according to his spiritual purpose for your life.

Respond to each statement in the Spiritual Gift Inventory according to the following scale:

4= Absolutely always
3= Consistently
2= Most of the time, usually true
1= Some of the time, once in awhile true 0= Not at all, never true


Answer according to who you are, not who you would like to be or believe you ought to be. Consider how true each statement is of you. What has your experience been and to what degree does each statement reflect your usual tendencies?


There are 80 questions in the survey. You can pause and come back to the survey as you need to, but it's best to do it one sitting. You are required to login to take the survey. You will be prompted to login (or create an account) if you aren't already logged in.


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